Welcome to Sukho Song
Apr 8, 2020

Born in South Korea, Sukho Song completed his master’s degree in 2007 at Tohoku University in Japan as a mechanical engineer specialized in micro/nanofabrication. He obtained his PhD degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 2017, where he focused on the development of soft robotic technologies & bio-inspired adhesives. After a post-doc at the EPFL Reconfigurable Robotics Lab, he is now joining the Laboratory of Soft Biolelectronics Interfaces at EPFL as a post-doctoral researcher and will be working with the Neurosoft Bioelectronics team to develop new soft implantable devices, which will expand our understanding on mechanisms of various brain diseases.

In his free time, Suhko enjoys outdoor sports and playing drums that he learned 18 years ago. He nourishes his curiosity with documentaries and delights his entourage with his joyful spirit and great sense of humour.

We are glad to have you in the team Sukho and we are looking forward to meeting you in person. Welcome to the team!