The future of seamless implantable electrical interfaces

A new generation of implantable electrodes

Therapeutic outcomes from clinical neural implants are limited by their mechanical properties. Their stiff and rigid designs present a mechanical mismatch compared to the soft and curved tissues they interface with, thereby constraining the physiological motion dynamics of the nervous system.


At Neurosoft Bioelectronics, we are addressing this issue by engineering elasticity in thin film materials to manufacture implantable electrodes that are much softer and flexible, and that can seamlessly interface with the nervous system.

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Neurosoft Bioelectronics passes Venture Kick stage 2

Neurosoft Bioelectronics passes Venture Kick stage 2

We are very pleased to announce that Neurosoft Bioelectronics has passed stage 2 of Venture Kick and received a second round of funding of 40 000 CHF. The Venture Kick jury has selected our project to receive the second “kick” and has chosen to support us in further...

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